Joe Champelli

Instructional Support

Joe Champelli brings 25 years of experience in rigging, machinery design, operations, and project management to the support team. Joe began his career in Las Vegas working on high-profile special projects including the Pirate Battle at Treasure Island and the Cirque du Soleil “O” showroom. While directing Automated Rigging for the Siegfried and Roy show, Joe developed his appreciation for robust machine design. Prior to joining EPS, Joe used his knowledge of automation and mechanical design to drive growth for Fisher Technical Services and ZFX, while gaining invaluable experience in performer flying. As an ETCP-certified professional in Theatre and Arena Rigging and ETCP Trainer, Joe also served as an associate professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where he taught Rigging, CAD Design, and Stagecraft. Joe has volunteered with ESTA’s Technical Standards Program since 2005, helping create ANSI safety standards for the entertainment industry.

Education / Certification:

Bachelor’s Degree in Design, Illinois State University

MFA in Technical Production, Penn State University

ETCP-Certified Rigger